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Tandem Fit

iOS App Design

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Creating a new way to find exercise partners, discover new workouts, and track fitness progress.


Danielle Justilien

Research, Experience Design, Visual Design, Prototyping


2 Weeks


Brand Identity, Style Guide, Prototype


Figma, Photoshop, Pen & Paper

Project Overview

As a member of UX Her, a design community for women of color, I joined a team to advance my design skills by conducting team exercises. The team was given a project brief with the following product description:

The product is a matching app for fitness enthusiasts looking to pair with a workout partner to compete in weekly challenges with. This service will be available to individuals and teams.

Over the course of a few weeks we defined the problem statement and designed the onboarding process. From there, I decided to further pursue the project on my own and design the MVP.

How might we create a mobile experience to find a suitable workout partner, with an emphasis on matching and encouraging consistent fitness.

The Design Process

To challenge my skills as a designer and quickly design the MVP I utilized a 2-week design sprint process driven by design thinking. I started by learning more about the different design sprint frameworks like Google Venture's 5-day design sprint, Boana's 2-week design sprint, and a couple others. I then used this knowledge to create a process suitable for the purpose of this project.

Week 1



Research & Define


Create Brand Identity



Ideate & Prototype

Week 2



Test & Prioritize Revisions


Implement Testing Insights



Style Guide & Next Steps

Understanding User Needs

I conducted a competitive review and collected screenshots of fitness apps and matching apps. Through this, I discovered some common features and functions amongst the apps that would be helpful to implement in my design. I also considered how I could combine and improve the features of both categories to offer a more valuable product.

The Fitness Enthusiast

I conducted a survey to understand the needs of people who are, or aspire to be more physically fit. The responses showed that most users prefer to workout with a partner and would feel more motivated by the ability to track their progress.


Toni, the "Fitness Enthusiast", represents millennials who would like to make progress on their fitness journey with the workouts they need to stay active, the ability to track their progress, and the support of a fitness community. Creating this persona helped me to better understand the needs of a fitness enthusiast and what frustrations the product can resolve.


A Guide for the Design

With a better understanding of the user, I created the project target to set expectations for the project and provide a measurement of success. I then wrote the user stories to provide a guide for my designs and to ensure all necessary functions were accounted for.


Mapping the Experience 

Guided by the user stories, I laid out a site map to help me visualize the scope of the MVP. I later found this to be incredibly helpful in guiding my ideation.


Creating the Brand

An Identity that Resonates

The scope of the project also included creating the brand name, logo, and identity. I brainstormed a few names that would accurately reflect the purpose of the app and landed on "Tandem Fit".

I also considered the style, voice, and personality of the brand, which I thought should be energetic, simplistic, and straight-forward to appeal to millennial users, like Toni. Based on those characteristics, I worked quickly to design a logo that accurately reflects the brand's identity and thus, Tandem Fit was born.

logo purple.png

Speedy Ideation

To quickly explore a variety of possible solutions, I utilized the Crazy 8s sketching method to generate ideas for each section of the app. This process was extremely helpful in pushing me to explore more unconventional ideas. After completing the exercise, I reviewed my sketches to choose which ones would make for the best user experience.

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Designing the Solution

Designing the MVP

By implementing the best options from the Crazy 8 sketches, pulling inspiration from competitors, and integrating the brand identity, I designed the prototype focused on the main features necessary for the MVP.

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